Personal loans tailored to you

Borrow from 5 000 kr and up to 200 000 kr.

Personal Loan

A loan tailored to you.

Instabank offers one of Norway’s most flexible loans at highly competitive interest rates. You can choose between flexible repayments with just a minimum per month, or a set payment plan – so it’s up to you whether you want to pay the same amount each month or adjust the amount to suit your needs.

We offer a simple online application form and in most cases you will receive an immediate response once you apply.

Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, buy a car, finally take that trip abroad, or consolidate credit card debt – Instabank can help you reach your ambitions with repayment plans and refinancing tailored to you.

All you need to know

Nominal interest ratefrom 7,99 % to 19,99 %
Set-up feekr 900
Installment feekr 40

How it works

  • Loan amount: 5 000 kr – 200 000 kr
  • Repayment time: Flexible
  • Nominal interest rate: 7,99 % – 19,99 %
  • Monthly payment: Flexible or set amount per month

Loan example

Effective interest rate 16,24%, 65 000, over 5 years, cost 28 068, total: 93 068.

Criteria to apply for a loan at Instabank

  • You must be at least 23 years old
  • Income over 250 000 kroner per year
  • Your total debt cannot be more than 5 x gross income
  • You must be able to handle an interest rate increase of 5 percentage points on your total debt
  • Your age plus repayment time is not higher than 80 years